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The Four Laws of Spirituality

The Four Laws of Spirituality

In India , Four Laws of Spirituality are taught.

The first law says:

  • “Every person you meet or situation you encounter, you have invited into your life.”

We alone, through our thinking and mostly unconsciously, have invited people and situations into our lives to help us understand what we came here to learn. No encounter is random, there is always a higher purpose behind it.

The second law says:

  • “The timing of things is always perfect.”

Everything you need will come to you at the perfect time. Not before, not after. When “delays” or “detours” seem to happen, trust them. They play a key role in your journey.

The third law says:

  • “This moment is exactly as it should be.”

From a spiritual point of view, everything happens for a reason.

The right question to ask is not why does something happen to you, but, what for? Every event, situation or encounter in life, has a lesson to teach us, if we want to learn it.

And the fourth and last law says:

  • “There is only now.”

You only have this moment. The past and the future exist only in the mind. This present moment is ALL you have.

Practicing The Four Laws of Spirituality

I do not think it is a coincidence you are reading this right now. If this text reaches your life today, it is because you are prepared to understand that no snowflake ever falls into the wrong place!

The four Laws of Spirituality are here to remind you, once more, that worry and anticipation have no place in your life. To be at peace, trust this moment. It is exactly as it should be.